Special protectionoriginal spot fabric
Protective clothing series
The style structure, color configuration and material selection of Youtong overalls are all designed for the purpose of safety and protection function, which is the individuality characteristic of the overalls and protective overalls which are different from other clothes.
Special protective tooling for labor protectionReady-made clothes
· Product Advantage ·
Spot production Factory Production Spot Guarantee First-hand Source
Delivery within 12 hours after placing order
Authoritative Detection Guarantee quality
National Authoritative Quality Inspection and Certification
Perfect after-sales One-to-one professional technical services, shorter production cycle
Optimizing Protection Solutions
factory outlet Cut down all the intermediate links.

Benefiting customers
· Service Guarantee ·
  • 01
    Order pooling and lean management
    Through supply chain coordination, coordinate market and order information, formulate "point (origin) to point (customer)" supply chain plan, improve service quality and efficiency, and improve the level of supply chain leanness.
  • 02
    One-stop production
    The company has passed the ISO3001-2000 quality management system certification, is in the personal protective equipment industry, with spinning, weaving, clothing one-stop production of scientific and technological enterprises.
  • 03
    Problem Solver for Special Clothing
    Anti-static, conductive silk clean and dust-free, permanent flame-retardant, oil and water-repellent, acid and alkali-repellent, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-fire and anti-static, three-proof fabric.
· Cooperation process ·
· Company Strength ·
Annual output is huge
At the same time, it can also provide post-processing processing such as coating, compounding, glossy rolling, flocking and so on.
Export to the world
In North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, the formation of sales networks.
Annual output is huge
It has 260 water-jet looms, 60 air-jet looms and 3 sets of equipment imported from Japan.
Export to the world
Dozens of senior managers and technical elites are employed to carry out strict quality control system.
· Partner ·
As a professional textile fabric supplier, Youtong textile products and solutions are selected by many departments and well-known enterprises.
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